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[30 Dec 2004|03:37pm]

join here ;)

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[23 Dec 2004|03:12pm]
CaN't LiVe WiThOuT yOu

[20 Dec 2004|05:18pm]
holy shit. haven't updated in awhile. so since the last time i have updated to today...

i have been in love with matt ever since i started talking to him agian and went to all his football games that i could, which they were mostly at the end of the season. but he was with olivia, then when they broke up idk what happened but he started liking another girl and things got crazy so i started liking justin agian.. well i have always liked him.

justin and i started talking more and he was going to take me to my formal but now he will have a cast on and cant which im kinda upset about because now i have to find a date. i wanna bring matt but he might be in trouble idk yet. but yea love life is basically sucking right about now

i am doing good in school, made a lot of new friends... made the basketball team. soccer turned out good, i miss it. brandon came home from iraq but has to go back. christmas is in 5 days and i am so excited because i saw at my dads house that there are a lot of presents for me and karina. i am also excited because i get to sleep over my cousins christmas night and go to the mall the next day like we did two years ago. and i am chilling with quent & everybody. i spent $125 on christmas gifts this year... thats the most i have spent lol.

i got my braces off and i am missing a tooth, but thats okay because im getting a retainer tomorrow that has fake teeth in it -lmao- and im gunna look cool ! but i look so different. i also cut my hair short, i like it long better, but it was a pain in the ass to do it everyday, lol. i am letting it grow long agian though, i like it long.

yea but i doubt that i will be using this because i have a myspace... haha

x0o chels
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[10 Oct 2004|06:51pm]
this weekend was... fun?

friday - went over to chelle's with erika. we walked around timber birch and stuff, i already typed about it below.

saturday - went to work . then i went back to my dads and went to quents hockey game. they did good, won 6-1. after that i came back and got ready and went to aunt dar's bday party. it was fun! then we just chilled and stuff.

sunday - got up early to go to quents hockey game. they lost, 5-2. but quent did good, but he got slashed in the neck. after that i came back to my dads house and just hung around, practiced soccer, played hockey, all the fun stuff. then quent went to get a cell phone or w/e and i jsut chilled with karina and anna. then we set up marcus the carcus! haha. we went over to ed & tiff's and watched cold mountain. debbie is hilarious when she watches movies. but she wont shut up! after that me, anna, and karina went to my dads and just talked about scary stuff. i swear, that house is haunted! its freaks me out so much. then i came home and gave jerry his bday present, a kearse jersey (eagles player)

happy bday jerry & dar
happy belated bday anna & grandmom nean

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[08 Oct 2004|07:30pm]
so today is friday and school was boring, i couldnt wait until its over. then at soccer coach rhea didnt come until later like always. then we just did skills. after that i went home and packed for dads. then when i got home, i received a letter from anna. it was really sad and i was confused because i dont know if her and my dad are split up or not. i hope not, anna is like my mom. but yea quent wasnt home so i went to chelles. we walked around timber birch and went to the football game. i was wearing my pvi shit and everybody was looking at me, i was afraid i was gunna get jumped, lol. then we came back home and yea, w/e. now im home and mom told me jerry is pissed at me, and i have no idea what i did. this weekend is gunna be shit, i know it.

well atleast i get to go riding tomorrow with daddy and quent. i have a feeling dad got me a new quad since he asked if i wanted to go. and then i said i wanna go to chelle's game and he said, well i wanna go riding. lol so yea, i hope i did. so yea i gotta go to bed, im tired and i have work tomorrow.

peace peace
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[07 Oct 2004|06:04pm]
so today was like any other, except i realized something. i wanna try my hardest and push myself to be the best i can be at soccer. like, i was watching the varsity game today since i was ball-runner, and i realized... holy shit i wanna be as good as that girl! so yea starting tomorrow, im gunna try my hardest. and i never received an e-mail back, but the other one did, even though i wrote it (ukwur!) lmao - i love her though * then i had work tonight and it sucked balls, i hate it. so yea i had to do my homework there since i didnt wanna do it when i got home. but yea um im so tired and i needa take a shower and then get to bed. aight, so if you want -hit the digits-

x0o chelsea

p.s - i dont like hewie anymore, he's a jerk. i like anthony ! haha, i dont even know if i sit behind him, but its okay... i just will stare *

tatem is a wench and a halffffffffff
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[05 Oct 2004|05:44pm]
nothing new. we lost our soccer game 3-0 on monday. today we didnt have practice so me and chelle went up to glms. we talked to mrs. vernon the whole time because by the time we got there none of the teachers were there. but i bet if i went straight to the school instead of to the fields, i would have seen patti! but next wednesday we are going up since i dont have school. i had 3 test today! i didnt even study for the science one, but i think everybody else failed. yea so after me and chelle talked to mrs. vernon we walked up to see the boys soccer game (glms) and we saw justin. we chatted a little bit then mr. trow came and we talked to him. ahah he is so cool, i miss him. chelle said she say timmy's car but i doubt it. he isnt doing softball this year, poor guy. haha! so yea im hungry and wanna eat, yo. talk later

i <3 hewie! (lmao)
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[03 Oct 2004|11:28am]
last night was so much fun! me, brit, steph, and kara went to creamy acres and it was so fun. but before that me and brit went to the mall. i got a purse, cell phone case, and socks, lol. it was fun, we walked everywhere. we went into the candy store and they had warheads spray! omg i loveeee warheads, i wish they still had them. but yea, after that we went back to brits and ate pizza hut for dinner, STUFFED CRUST! haw, i love it. after that we got ready and brit straightened my hair! it looked so good. then we went to creamy acres with kara. it was so much fun, we met these kids that we went on the hayride with. they were from south philly, and they said they were freshman. hah! i didnt believe it, they were like in 7th grade. but we went into this new thing called, terror factor, it was so cool!! i loved it. an it was scary compared to last year. but the best was when i first went. ohh yea, we got our tickets free because we mentioned wired 96.5! woo it was great. haha* after creamy acres we went back to brits and stephs. we watched mean girls! i love that movie, im gunna buy it. but yea we fell asleep then woke up and had french toast. i counted brits money! haha* yea, but i gotta get a shower and shit before the eagles game

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES !!! (bioootch!)
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[02 Oct 2004|12:07am]
so tonight was the dance! omg it was so much fun. it was so crazy. like this kid was like backing into ppl pretending to grind with them, and i went and started dancing with him and he was like, whoa! lmao that was great * then i like followed him around with chelle and he was like trying to run away from us! lmao, yea. then we saw mike(haw!) dance! lmfao (literally) it was the funnnniest thing in the whole world! omg... lmao i can still picture him, and i cant help but laugh. then we kept like following him cause chelle wanted to back into him "by accident" ahahaha it was great. then we left and went to nick & joe's and ate, i was hungry. now im here, tired and cold because im without my sweatshirt that nikki stole (just kidding) but yea i need that for creamy acres, i wanna show pvi spirit!! haha i cant wait until creamy acres, i love it.

x0o ttyl - chelsea
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[01 Oct 2004|03:09pm]
today was our pep ralley for pvi eagles! yes, it was fun i guess. tonight is the dance! i hope thats fun cause i havent been to a dance yet, so. i hope brittany can go because its 8:00 not 7:30 * all the livestrong bracelets are sold out already. haha! im so excited, tomorrow i get to hang out with brit and we are goign to creamy acres! and im also excited cause stephie is coming! yay, i love steph. but we are going to the mall first and im gunna get a cell phone cover, haha! but yea im gunna take a nap, then take a shower and get ready * cell it if you need to

x0o chelsea
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[30 Sep 2004|12:02pm]

okay, F.Y.I

livestrong bracelets, i just ordered them. it will be 3-4 weeks delivery since they are back tracked

i am only getting 20, 10 youths and 10 adults! so if you want one, please comment or IM me*

they are raised to $3.00 since i need the money to pay for taxes / shipping & handling / the bracelets


x0o comment to get one* first 20 to comment or IM me gets one


ppl i already have

-sam, megan, catie, soccer girl1, soccer girl2, amanda, casey, three for frosh soccer

(so all together that is 10, so actually i only have 10 bracelets left people! hurry and comment)

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[30 Sep 2004|08:21am]
yesterday we had soccer pictures and practice. nikki took us home, omg she is so funny i love her! then when i got home i took a shower and went over to my gmom's for my moms birthday party. it was fun i guess? i got her a mcnabb jersey because she never had a sports jersey and she loves the eagles, so yea she was excited. then when i came home i was talking to emily, lmao i love her. 40 YEAR OLD PERV!! haha, he is such a loser. then i was tired so i watched some friends and fell asleep. so today we dont have school so im just gunna chill and get rested for soccer. ttyl x0o
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[28 Sep 2004|08:25pm]
today i did my hair all purrrty and shit, then it rained so it got messed up, but not totally so i was like, ehh ok. but then we had a firedrill and we stood out there for like 5 min when it was raining. so my hair got really messed up so i just pulled it into a pony tail, blah. then the rest of the day was blah. then we didnt have soccer so i took the regular bus home and i almost got lost because i couldnt find it! lmao, so then i was home and went to DICK'S with daddy to get mommy a b-day present. i got her a white mcnabb jersey since she doesnt have a jersey yet and she likes the white ones the best! so yea then i came home and ate and watched friends (my dvds) but now im tired so im going to bed.

x0o chelsea

p.s - i am officially in love with U2!! they are the best. my favorite songs are by them and i love their music. so yea

U2 !
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[26 Sep 2004|06:05pm]
this weekend i went down the shore with my dad / anna / karina for irish fall festival `o4 (wildwood) and it was so much fun !! (at first) there was so many things that i never saw before, and they had this bagpipe face-off thing where you would judge which band played better, or w/e. that was my favorite. but our hotel was on the boardwalk and on the boardwalk was the classic car convention which was so awesome because we saw all these old cars. but then the last night it got bad because my dad and anna got into a fight. i dont like it because i love anna, she is my favorite girlfriend out of holly / sherry / and her. so after im done im gunna call her to tell her how i feel. but my dad is being a real asshole about it. he thinks that she is going to come back to him so he doesnt have to worry. DAD YOU'RE NOT A TEENAGER ANYMORE SHITHEAD! so yea, i wanna talk some sense into him because its making me hurt inside and whenever i hear our song (all 4 of us, dad/anna/karina/me) i wanna cry my eyes out because i have a feeling its going to be the last and final fight. so yea i wanna go call her

x0o chels
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[24 Sep 2004|06:25am]
yesterday i slept in until about 7 ! that isn't enough sleep, i hate it. i always wake up early. but i took a shower, then cleaned my room and walked up to glen landing! i had to drop a letter off to mrs.coughlan because i miss her. so yea i saw both mrs. vernon and mr. bret in the office and mrs. vernon hugged me (i miss her so much) well actually i miss every teacher besides a couple (no names) so yea i have a really bad cold and i had to play soccer still and i actually did good, not right away, but a little later after kick-off. then last night i didnt have dinner because im so sick that i couldnt eat anything. i hate being sick because it makes me feel like im gunna die! all i need is a lil resttttttt. ugh - im gunna go ttyl
CaN't LiVe WiThOuT yOu

[23 Sep 2004|07:18am]

here's a picture of patti cog's, big bret, and deeg !

<lj-cut text="missing glms">

 brit, great pc, me (i hated my hair, i was gunna kill the lady who did it)

i loved her class so much, we had so much fun! i miss her

 i like your hair cut mr. bret! (lmao, brit - good times)

so many memories in that guys class, i miss it so much!

 there's digenario smelling the pits !

much much much, MUCH! memories in that class - but i dont miss it as much as bret's


so there are my old teachers... yea i got bored !

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[22 Sep 2004|10:53pm]
tomorrow im writing a letter to mrs.coughlan and running up to the school to drop it off for her cause i can tell im going to be bored as a mother, so yea. if anybody wants to come

pvi` girls soccer game - tomorrow (09/23) home !

come and support our team, we need it, lol! but yea i'm gunna leave a note for :

mrs. coughlan
mr. bret
mr. di
miss savini
-- i cant think of any others, those were my favorite teachers --

lol, im such a dork

well anyway im really bored so im going to listen to spice girls and finish my notes ! x0o

chelsea - 381/1166
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[22 Sep 2004|08:23pm]
this just in fuckers, me and chelsea are being M&M's for halloween

im the yellow and she is the red

what what ?!

lmao this is gunna be great

we need a santa claus !
CaN't LiVe WiThOuT yOu

[21 Sep 2004|06:52am]
i put in a request for a new journal (yay!) so that'll be coming soon, but for now i have the ben look-a-like (who is really hott!

lol x0o
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[20 Sep 2004|07:35pm]
hells yea fawker, first goal! great game pvi girls, 4-0 ! we gotta play hard every game cause we gotta win. right coach, we dont suck! that was a mean fact, lol! but um yea nothing happened in school today. on the bus ride it was great, i was eating my muffin and had a laughing attack for like three hours, lol. then on the way home i sat with mass, woot woot. she is a crazy effer! so yea, it was cool. but im tired so im gunna eat, take a nap, take a shower, watch the eagles (hells yea), then crash <3 x0o

some guys are fucking assholes, i can hate one person right now so fucking much, but im the better person. FUCK YOU
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